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Every golfer enjoys the game more when they play well, yet so many players continue to play well below their potential and leave the course unhappy. The Royal Oaks Golf Team wants to ensure every player enjoys the game and leaves the course feeling beyond satisfied with their performance.
There are a wide range of skills that must be performed competently in order for you to play well and shoot lower scores, and it is all but impossible for any player to prioritize, source and implement all that information on their own. If all the best players in the world have someone to guide them, to answer their questions, and to build their confidence and help them to play their best more often, shouldn’t you do the same?

The Instruction Team at Royal Oaks Country Club are dedicated to helping players: 

1.    Understand the tendencies of their own game
2.    Learn the required practice to enhance their performance
3.    Implement effective permanent change that will ultimately lower scores
If you are ready to play better golf and have more fun on the golf course, please reach out to one of our instructors today.

Golf Lesson Instructors:


Derek Hooper, PGA Australia

Director of Instruction

Ryan Polzin, PGA

Head Golf Professional

Michael Rodriguez, PGA

Assistant Golf Professional

Robert Scott, PGA

Assistant Director of Instruction

Justin Engel, PGA

Assistant Golf Professional

David Lindsey, PGA

Assistant Golf Professional

Shang-Fan Huang, LPGA

Assistant Golf Professional

Sadie Martinez

Assistant Golf Professional

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Coaching Programs Options:

Every new lesson starts with a complete skills assessment. Before you can go anywhere you must first have a sound knowledge of where you are today. In respect to playing better golf this means completing a comprehensive game assessment under the supervision of your personal Coach. We have designed a program that will reinforce the skills you already have, build new ones, teach you to perform consistently under pressure, and all but guarantee you will play better on the course.

On-Course Assessment and Program Enrollment

  • 9 holes on the golf course

  • Assessment of entire game under true playing conditions

  • In depth interview and discussion of goals, commitment level and time frames - how low do you want to score and by when?

  • Detailed, written Performance Plan of exactly how you will achieve your goals

  • Optional enrollment in Shot by Shot online rounds analysis

Option 1: Operation 36 Programs

Royal Oaks Country Club is the only facility in Houston that delivers the Operation 36 Golf Coaching Program. The program is designed to progress players of all abilities towards shooting par (score of 36) or better for 9 holes! Players train in small groups and work together to improve their games while having a lot of fun in the process.  
The Operation 36 Program has a 6-level roadmap which contains 72 objectives that our coaches will help you achieve in academy classes on a weekly basis. All participants are issued a profile in the Operation 36 Mobile App Community where you can view your objectives, log golf actions, track your stats/progress, and encourage your friends in a social activity feed.

Each participant can enroll in 3 types of programs:

  1. Operation 36 Academy Classes are designed to provide golfers a group coaching environment to learn the game, set goals, and develop skills. Coaches work through the Operation 36 Curriculum and allow players the opportunity to test and progress in rank.

  2. Operation 36 Matches challenge golfers to shoot the target score of 36 for 9 holes. The format tests scoring skills first by starting 25 yards from the hole and allows golfers to progress back as their skills develop.

  3. Supervised Practice is a structured training session under the watchful eye of a trained coach. They will help you structure your practice and provide feedback to ensure your training session is as efficient as possible.

Private Coaching Programs:


Royal Oaks Country Club is proud to have Derek Hooper, as our Director of Instruction, who was awarded "Best Teachers By State" by Golf Digest in 2017. He is elevating our coaching program here at the Club with the assistance of his team of PGA Professionals.

Contact Derek Hooper, Director of Instruction at 281.899.3217 or